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Connect Faith 2016 Speakers

Derreck Kayongo

From Africa to Atlanta with nothing but a dream and tenacity, Derreck Kayongo beat the odds, earned an education, became a naturalized U.S. citizen and has served in leadership roles in some of the world's most-respected NGOs since 1994. He has worked with the American Friends Service Committee and Amnesty International and currently serves as senior advocacy coordinator for the Southeast region with CARE International.


In 2009, Kayongo and his wife started The Global Soap Project, which focuses on repurposing partially used soap from hotels into new soap for needy populations, particularly in Africa. To date, The Global Soap Project produces 30,000 bars of soap per week and has donated more than half a million bars of soap to more than 20 countries. In 2013, The Global Soap Project earned an endorsement from the American Hotel and Lodging Association.


Kayongo’s experience as a human rights activist, combined with his lifelong commitment to his work and notable rhetorical skills, earned him his current role as CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. Called a “living embodiment of the Center’s mission,” Kayongo is elevating the visibility of the Center and expanding its vision beyond its geography.


Recognized by a range of honors and awards for his activism, including as one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes in 2011, Kayongo was recently selected by President Jimmy Carter to interview him as part of the National Archives’ Amending America initiative.


From a young Ugandan refugee to a successful entrepreneur, human rights activist and renowned global health expert, Kayongo galvanizes audiences to seize the power of observation to identify issues and effectively solve any challenge. With undeniable charm, palpable passion and endearing wit, Kayongo brings his story and guiding principles, coined as S.E.L.F. (service, education, leadership and faith), to life in emotionally packed presentations that stay with you long after his closing remarks.

Frank Abagnale

Frank W. Abagnale is one of the world's most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. For over 40 years he has worked with, advised and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world.


Mr. Abagnale's rare blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 45 years ago when he was known as one of the world's most famous confidence men. This was depicted most graphically in his best-selling book, Catch Me If You Can, a film of which was also made, directed by Steven Spielberg with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. A Broadway musical of the same title was also created and in April 2011 opened on Broadway and won a Tony Award.


Apprehended by the French police when he was 21 years old, he served time in the French, Swedish and U. S. prison systems. After five years he was released on the condition that he would help the federal government, without remuneration, by teaching and assisting federal law enforcement agencies.


Mr. Abagnale has now been associated with the FBI for over four decades . More than 14,000 financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement agencies use his fraud prevention programs. In 1998 he was selected as a distinguished member of "Pinnacle 400" by CNN Financial News - a select group of 400 people chosen on the basis of great accomplishment and success in their fields. In 2004 Mr. Abagnale was selected as the spokesperson for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). He has also written numerous articles and books including The Art of the Steal, The Real U Guide to Identity Theft and Stealing Your Life.

Mark Kelly

Highly decorated American astronaut, Captain Mark Kelly continues to secure his place in history, partnering with his identical twin brother, Scott from the ground in a historic yearlong expedition and unprecedented NASA study on how space affects the human body. As the Space and Aviation Contributor for NBC News and MSNBC, he has provided the world with insider perspective and intimate coverage of the groundbreaking yearlong experiment.


Already an experienced aviator and retired US Navy Captain, Kelly began his career as an astronaut in 1996. During his illustrious career with NASA, he spent more than 50 days in space and commanded both the Space Shuttle Endeavour, including its final flight in May 2011, and Space Shuttle Discovery, and is one of only two individuals who have visited the International Space Station on four different occasions.


Kelly is also a #1 New York Times best-selling author and a founder of World View Enterprises, a company pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space.


In January 2011, Kelly became the center of international attention after the assassination attempt on his wife, former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Their story captivated the nation and resulted in the couple becoming an unequivocal symbol of strength and perseverance.


An American hero who exemplifies effective leadership and courage under pressure, Kelly offers audiences insights drawn from his various and extensive experiences, from leading teams in some of the most dynamic environments imaginable, to the thrill of spaceflight and making history, to the importance of commitment to career and family, in order to truly define and achieve success.

Morning devotionals Wed. and Thurs. featuring special guest

Willam H. Murphy

Husband, father, worshipper, intercessor, pastor, producer, psalmist, songwriter, mentor, brother and son, William H. Murphy is a GodChaser, who’s been called to DEMONSTRATE.


He is the founder and lead pastor of the dReam Center Church of Atlanta and the bishop of worship for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, Int'l (Bishop Joseph W. Walker II, Presiding Bishop).


On March 4, he released his first book, Praying Through it: 365 Days Worth of Prayers that Make Praying Easy.


A winner of multiple Atlanta Gospel Choice Award Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominee, he wrote and performed "Praise is What I Do," and released a new single. "Arise," on March 4. On June 24, he released his fifth solo project, "DEMONSTRATE," on RCA Inspiration, a division of Sony Records. His prior solo recordings include "Changes," "All Day" and "The Sound."

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