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2017 Education

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Wednesday, Oct. 25
3:30-4:30 p.m.

Presented by Naomi Angel and Nathan Breen

In your day-to-day job, do you ever think, "Wow, they really just don't get it!" Now is your chance to air your grievances about the other side—planner or supplier—and also listen to their POV. This table discussion will feature two expert panelists plus two open “hot seats” to which audience members will be invited to jump into to share their thoughts. Come prepared for lively discussion that’s meant to be conversational and enlightening.

Presented by Crystal Washington

Faith leaders are tasked with adding value to existing members while attracting new members. Millennials don't see organized religion in the same light as their predecessors. In an increasingly digital world, busy Gen Xers demand efficiency, often by way of technology. Meanwhile, baby boomer and traditionalist members want the face-to-face interactions. Discover how to juggle diverse member needs for improved outcomes.

Presented by Shawna Suckow and Christa Meeder

Planning a citywide event is like putting together a puzzle. But you, as the planner, aren't alone. There are partnership and relationships that can—and should—be utilized when planning a citywide event. Join industry colleagues for a discussion on forging partnerships to make your event the most memorable yet.

Presented by Michael J. Lyons

As salespeople, we all have a natural tendency to “tell, tell, tell" and "sell, sell, sell” due to our exuberance about the product or service we represent. But selling is about listening and seeking first to understand the client’s needs before saying a word. Selling is about solving the client’s pain points and helping them find the right solution to their particular requirements.

Presented by Dahlia El Gazzar

From virtual reality to robots, mainstream tech trends are making their way into the events sphere. Join us for this session to learn about these new tech trends and how you can implement them for your next event.

Presented by Mahoganey Jones

Tired of planning the same events year over year that produce the same results? Every event should be an opportunity to generate revenue for your association or organization while reinforcing your business goals and objectives. This session will teach you how to validate your event to ensure you get buy-in from your members, board, staff and attendees while maximizing your ROI.

Presented by Bob Pederson

Is being a leader simply your reputation or how others perceive you? What a leader says is important, but what a leader does is even more important. Respect, admiration and vision are all words associated with leaders, but they are only words. What about your inner success and drive? Come explore what it takes to achieve your inner success.

Thursday, Oct. 26
9:45-10:45 a.m.

Presented by Naomi Angel and Bob Pederson

Learn how to maximize your contract negotiation skills in this highly interactive exercise. Be part of a team that rewrites a hotel contract before giving it to the hotel salesperson for signature. After the contract is executed, one side will decide to cancel the event and a mock trial will ensue. The audience will be sworn in as the jury. You will hear opening statements, observe as attorneys question witnesses, listen to closing arguments, and ultimately rule in favor of the plaintiff or defendant.

Presented by Jim Spellos

Today’s high-profile hacks of major organizations and institutions have increased awareness of digital security, yet most people are compromising their personal and company’s information on a regular basis. Attendees at this session will better understand the digital risks and learn how secure their presence is.

Presented by Jeff Hurt

Engagement is a central aspect of an energized and effective conference experience. If your participants are not engaged with your experience, what chance will they have at improving their job performance? Using the strategies identified in this presentation, every conference professional can create event experiences where engagement is the norm, not the exception.

Download presentation (3.1MB .pdf)

Presented by Mahoganey Jones

Does the thought of “going hybrid” make you nervous? Where do you begin, will you cannibalize live attendance and how will it work? Would you feel more comfortable developing your first hybrid meeting with the help of fellow industry professionals in a friendly, open environment? Join us as we discuss Hybrid Meetings 101 and cover what a hybrid meeting is, the costs and issues, and how to get started.

Presented by Michael J. Lyons

In this highly interactive session (part therapy, part leadership development), audience members will discuss the traits of both good bosses and bad bosses they have had and discover how to apply those learning experiences in a positive way.

Presented by Tracy Stuckrath

The BEO is an essential aspect of every event, outlining details and serving as a guideline for vendors to execute and communicate logistics to all departments. In this walk-and-talk session, we’ll travel behind the scenes to visit the departments the BEO travels in its life cycle. You'll leave with an understanding of the staff who manage and rely on the BEO to help them create and execute your event.

Presented by Matt Clouser

This will be an open discussion and in-depth look at your audiovisual bill and understanding its dynamics. We will also talk about your AV options and when it’s best to use the in-house or look to an outside AV firm. We will make sure you have everything in line for your AV to be successful, from media and room access to power and rigging. We will look at the entire AV picture for any meeting, conference or event. Also covered are current AV technologies that can help save you time and money.

11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Presented by Shawna Suckow

Most salespeople do well in a seller’s market. As the saying goes, "When the tide comes in, all boats rise." Yet, there are salespeople who rise above, outperforming others regardless of market conditions. How do they do it? How can you prepare for inevitable market fluctuations and create a virtually market-proof level of success?

Presented by Tracy Stuckrath

Food is a powerful force. It influences how we think, feel, learn and interact with others. It helps us feel and do. It provides focus and energy. Learn how to harnesses the power that food has on our bodies to increase your energy and productivity while traveling and working long hours.

Presented by Bob Pederson

What happens when an executive needs to be medevac’d out of a foreign country, a top sales rep threatens airport security with a 357 magnum or an airline mechanical problem forces 300 attendees to return to a foreign country? Come hear these real-life stories and discuss how your best laid risk-management-plans can fall apart right before your eyes.

Presented by Crystal Washington and Glen Guyton

Technology and the changing face of the events industry have shifted the roles of planners and suppliers. Planners are strapped for time; meanwhile, suppliers experiencing increased sales goals face the challenge of being heard in an ever-increasing pool of marketing noise. In this interactive session, teams will discover the most effective methods for creating win-win interactions.

Presented by Jeff Hurt

Becoming a strategic thinker is not as difficult as it sounds. Although if we’re not careful, it may mean running in place twice as hard. It just means practicing different behaviors than what you probably already do. In this session, discover that being more strategic doesn’t mean making decisions that affect your whole company; nor does it mean allocating scarce budget dollars. It means forcing your brain to slow down and work smarter.

Download presentation (12.4MB .pdf)

Presented by Jim Spellos

What would you do if something happened to you (or a colleague or attendee) while running an event? What may save your life (or someone else's) is the mobile device that is always at your side. But do you have it prepared to be of use in case of an emergency?

Presented by Terry Weaver, C. McNair Wilson and Vital Germaine

Join us on a journey to discover how companies like Disney, Universal and Cirque du Soleil are able to create experiences and environments. This isn't a come-sit-and-take-notes session. Bring a pen and your imagination.

Presented by Naomi Angel

How does your knowledge stack up when applied to common industry contract issues? Can you identify problematic wording in your contracts, spot what’s missing or point out critical elements of a force majeure clause? Experience this highly interactive quiz session on common contract questions.

Download presentation (917kb .pdf)


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